How to get to S&J Apartment with sea sight

The exact address is: Sozopol 8130; Odesa Str 22 A; 2nd floor, apartment 10

To get to Sozopol you need to get to Bourgas first. You can land in Sofia and go to Bourgas by plane, bus or train. Or you can land directly in Bourgas.

Sofia Airport

Bourgas Airport

If you land in Sofia you have several options to go to Bourgas:

By plane - you can pick a plane to Bourgas

Sofia Airport

By train - you can pick a train to Bourgas

If you want to travel by bus, you can pick one from a large bus terminal just opposite to the Railway station in Sofia. The distance between the airport and the railway station is about 12 km. Taxis cost around 0.40 BG leva per kilometer in Sofia (around 0.50 at night).

Sozopol is 34 km south of Bоurgas. You can travel to Sozopol from Bourgas by public transport or a taxi. It will cost you approximately 30 BG leva (50 at night) but keep in mind that prices may be higher through summer season. By law, the prices must be posted on the front or side windows of the taxi.


In Sozopol

S&J Apartment with sea sight is next to hotel Briz.