• We offer you a comfortable and cozy apartment with a unique location on the rocky sea cost in the new town of Sozopol.

  • The whole apartment is facing south with a view to the sea and the beach Harmanite which is 50m away.

  • The apartment is comfortable with perfect conditions for two-three adults or two adults and two youngsters to live in.

  • This holiday flat will provide you a perfect place to live, to relax and have pleasure.

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Reservation: by phone: +359888999602 by e-mail: sofiamircheva@gmail.com

A list with the names, ages and nationalities of the guests is needed. You should specify the period of staying - arrival and departure dates.

Payment: at least 10 days before the arrival date via bank transfer.

BA № BG18RZBB91551046747118 IN BGL
BA № BG65RZBB91551446747112 IN EUR
BC - 15591550

S&J Apartment with sea sight News

The exact address is: Sozopol 8130; Odesa Str 22 A; 2nd floor, apartment 10

To get to Sozopol you need to get to Bourgas first. You can land in Sofia and go to Bourgas by plane, bus or train. Or you can land directly in Bourgas.

In Sozopol

S&J Apartment with sea sight is next to hotel Briz.

Free to rent in the following period

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